Thousands of years the has been flowing persistently through the canyon, creating magical shapes in its bed.

Crystal clear and pleasant for swimming, Cetina River today represents the genuine experience of the intact nature with its 180 meters high cliffs, wild rapids, basins, lakes, subterranean tunnels and a 50 meters high waterfall called Gubavica.
After instructors provide you with a life-jacket, a helmet, a long neoprene pants and jacket, the small expedition is ready for the unknown.
Pick up at RIVA, In the center of the city at address Obala Lazareta (TAXI STATION)
Departure time from SPLIT
April 1st – August 31th 08:45 AM
September 1st – November 31st 09:45 AM
Distance from start to finish: 11.000 meters
River temperature: Between 14°C and 17°C. It depends on the season
White water grade: Grade 2, elements of grade 3 (the grading scale goes from 1 to 6)
Swimming: You can swim at few of the stops during the trip.
Rafting equipment: Inflatable boats, neoprene pants and jacket, a life jacket, a helmet and a paddle.
Equipment & Staff: All equipment used is registered and certified at the EU. All customers must wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) and helmets at all times while on the river. All of our professional guides are registered at Croatian mountain rescue service. Our tour leadersare IRF (International rafting federation) certified. Staff members speak Croatian and English.

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