Pony Classic

Classic with a modern touch
Pony Classic is a bike that takes from the recent past and looks into the future. It combines classical design with torpedo brakes and modern features, such as LED electric lights.
For all sizes
Even if storing the new Pony is extremely easy, we did not make compromises when it came to comfort. A 40-centimetre seat post allows for a comfortable ride no matter the shape and size of the cyclist.
Easy maintenance
A durable frame, stainless chain and superior tyres will make sure you can enjoy your Pony for many years to come. Basic maintenance is also very simple.
Minimalism for a reason
Simple design of the new Pony is not developed out of necessity but for a specific reason. Each integrated component facilitates everyday urban cycling and makes sure you can enjoy your Pony for many years to come.
Warranty and technical assistance
Since we believe in the quality of the production process and the components of the new Pony, we offer you a 5-year warranty on the frame and the forks. This way you will definitely embark on many adventures with your new Pony.
Change your city perspective
A completely new world opens up when you are on two wheels. No more waiting in congestions, no more exhaust fumes and road blocks. Overtake your co-workers, save time and ride with the new, improved Pony.

  • Price per day

    5€ / 35kn
    8€ / 60kn
    11€ / 80kn
    1 day:
    16€ / 120kn
    2 days:
    31€ / 230kn
    3 days:
    43€ / 320kn
    4 days:
    56€ / 420kn
    5 days:
    72€ / 540kn
    6 days:
    86€ / 640kn
    7 days:
    96€ / 720kn
    1 day
    2 days
    3 days
    4 days
    5 days
    6 days
    7 days